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hello, I'm Krys.

I am a licensed esthetician, a wife and  a mom in Fort Worth Texas. My passion for skin care began back in high school when I dealt with bad acne and constant breakouts. It consumed me and tore down my self-confidence. I simply lacked the knowledge on how-to care for my oily-prone skin, and I used products that I thought would be helpful when in reality, they were only making my skin worse. 

once I began learning how to care for my skin and what suited my skin type best, my love for esthetics grew. although I never pursued my dream to become licensed until recently, I would always have my hand in some type of esthetic avenue. from doing friends makeup for their wedding days or being that friend to bring skincare to share with everyone on the girls road trip, I found ways to share what I loved.

becoming an esthetician was always a goal of mine, throughout my years of becoming a wife and then a mother times three, I always put that goal on hold to be a wife and mother first. after moving to texas in 2019 I decided to finally pursue my dream and here we are!

I began my career at a spa in downtown Fort Worth, where I achieved Elite Esthetician within six months of working there. While working there, I also pursued higher aesthetic training at Texas Laser Institute where I was formally trained in Microneedling, Microchanneling, Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning, and Chemical Peels. I have also taken multiple online courses with glymed+ GAAIN Advanced Aesthetic Education, learning more in-depth about the products, their ingredients and how it affects the skin. I have also been trained on CryoSkin Toning and Slimming, Diamond Glow Facial, and even waxing. Lastly, I have been trained by veteran Esthetician Jessica with "Solo Esthetician Love", by taking her in-depth online course for solo Estheticians. She has been in the industry for over twenty years, and is the owner of her own very successful spas. 

While I have enjoyed all of this extensive training, I aim to continually further my education and will always strive to become better at my craft. 

I look forward to being trained in other scopes within my field of expertise, and be able to bring in more amazing services in the studio. It's coming soon, and I am looking forward to it.

my goal is to help educate my clients on how to care for their skin with the correct products, and to help you achieve the skin goals you have for yourself. whether that’s clearing your skin of acne, aging gracefully, bringing in more hydration or simply to relax, skin image was created for you. 

I look forward to meeting you and guiding you through your journey to healthy skin. 


skin image studio

A results driven esthetics spa, where relaxation and corrective skin treatments meet.


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